• Are you sick and tired of not sounding like an adult in English?
  • You've been learning English for years yet stll cannot put a proper sentence together?
  • If you answered YES to the above, then this course is FOR YOU.

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Learn fundamental grammar as it is taught in private online lessons by en experienced professional native level British English teacher

HOW to finally sound good in English?

  • Fundamentals you can actually apply
  • Solid foundation for improved communication
  • Common mistakes highlighted
  • I will guide you through the thorny path of grammar and to the other grammar fluent side

Whoever said that grammar isn't important was lying to you and I won't apologise for this bitter truth. Whilst occasional slip ups will happen and don't matter, if you don't develop the FUNDAMENTAL  understanding of grammar, you will continue sounding like a child when speaking English and is that what you really want?

Gain confidence in using grammar

Not only will you learn the grammar rules, but will also learn the application as well as  common mistakes critical in communication

Use for exams

If you choose to take exams at this stage, thorough learning will get you prepped grammar wise  for B1 and partially prepare you for B2


Everything in one place

Instead of searching the web, Youtube, books etc have all your intermediate needs covered in one place
Meet the instructor

Maria Zen

Maria, the creator of the course, is professional TESOL cerified English as a foreign language teacher, with nearly 6 years of teaching experience.

She's a native level bilingual - born in Russia, but raised in the UK. She's a passionate linguist, speaking and always improving her Spanish and French languages.

The decision to create course content came in order to to give both her students and external learners a chance to go back to any explanations again and again and to have an opportunity to learn the content at their own pace.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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