Inspire, Empower, Motivate.


Successful leaders are effective communicators.

Our entire lives are spent navigating a maze of people and relationships.
Be it in our personal or professional lives, the way we communicate affects absolutely everything we do.
Whether it's a routine everyday conversation, or a critical turning point in our career,
our message must have the 3 elements of an effective communicator.


Your message needs to stimulate your audience's emotions.


Your audience must get value from hearing your message.


And finally, our goal is always to move our audience to action.
David Rajaraman

Who's David?

Fluency Coach, Life Coach, Influencer, Entrepreneur... these are all words that others use to describe me but hardly how I would describe myself.

In school, I was an okay student. In University, I was a disaster. So, here's how I see it... I'm just a regular guy who's winning at life. And I'm on a mission to inspire, empower, and motivate you to achieve the same.

- David Rajaraman
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Intermediate Level English Grammar








A special thank you to my most encouraging and supportive students!

"The tools and tips that you share are very clear, and easily understood, also explained in a well structured manner. I think I have finally invested on the right program that can take my English communication skills to the next level. Thank you David!."
Randesh Lilushan - Sri Lanka
"This course has really help me lots in my English Learning Strategies. I can't describe all the learning skills I have gained in the Fluency Blueprint Course in this review. The best part I liked so far is, the "Sharpen Your Test Taking Skills", especially in the Writing Section. I really learned how I can plan and construct my ideas, in answering Essay Question. Thank You Very Much for being my teacher.."
Naafac Ahmed - Australia
"Your strategies and resources is just awesome. I was familiar with few of the resources but your strategies are completely different from other. Your videos are really encouraging. I just feel motivated how you end up your video saying you are there for us and cheering up. I can not thank you enough for your efforts in such a good price. Looking forward to see you on next course. Thank You :)"
Anita Thapa - Nepal
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