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Pronunciation Tune Up

Although many learners do learn pronunciation at elementary stages, some don't develop this skill well up to the intermediate level and some pronunciation issues remain well beyond this level. In this course I aim to address common difficulties with  English VOWEL sounds, explain when pronunciation may lead to communication confusion and help learners become aware and eliminate such issues in order to become successful at communication. As a non-native speaker who learnt how to speak correctly, I know of the difficulties faced when developing such skills. As an experienced teacher, I have observed, analysed as well as helped my students overcome any pronunciation difficulties. I've designed this course with the desire to help you achieve the same objective. Do be patient, keep practising and don't be afraid to go back and over the exercises. Jaw movements, tongue position etc takes time and constant practice. I try and teach general standard pronunciation used in the UK - however do bear in mind that regional accents do sometimes alter the pronunciation too - you don't have to copy this however it's good to be aware of such regional differences and train your ears to understand these too.

*[Course under construction.]

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