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Upper Intermediate Level English Grammar

Do you feel like you've hit the brick wall with your English learning? If so, yoiu've come to the right place! This course will take your English structure to the next level and make you that much more fluent and proficient, so you can pass that IELTS(or any other) exam or sound more sophisticated at work.

What will this course give me?

  • 5+ hours of authentic videos (and more to be added)
  • PDFs with  author's content
    for easier learning
  • Quizzes to put your knowledge to test

Get confident in more complex grammar

Thorough learning and practise
of this course will prepare you grammar wise
for B2+ level exams

Be confident in writing & speaking

You will learn more complex syntax for better writing skills as well as more advanced speaking.
Meet the instructor

Maria Zen

Maria, the creator of the course, is professional TESOL cerified English as a foreign language teacher, with nearly 6 years of teaching experience.

She's a native level bilingual - born in Russia, but raised in the UK. She's a passionate linguist, speaking and always improving her Spanish and French languages.

The decision to create course content came in order to to give both her students and external learners a chance to go back to any explanations again and again and to have an opportunity to learn the content at their own pace.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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